Long-Term Care Centre Seni NZOZ

Long-Term Care Centre Seni NZOZ

"under good care "

Professional care for dependent persons in their homes and family consultation.

The Centre helps people who are mentally or phisically handicaped, older, not self-reliant or lonely offering professional care and help provided by nurses, doctors, rehabilitators, psychotherapists and therapists. The offer of care and help is very wide and adjusted to patient's personal needs. The staff helps people entirely dependent on the others, lying, needed constant health care and these still active who need only a company or help in everyday duties.


The Centre

The Centre helps families with dependants unadmitted to health care institutions who are not able to provide proper care on their own. The centre is a helping hand also for those who take care of  their relatives at home but need to take a rest, have to leave or feel overwhelmed with growing duties.

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