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Bella Cotton

"with care for your skincare "

Wide range of cotton products for comprehensive care for whole family

Bella Cotton is a brand of cotton products, present on many European and Asian markets.The range, which initially consisted of just one type of cotton buds, pads, colored cotton balls and cotton wool, has developed to a wide and comprehensive offer. Today, we offer many types of cotton buds, pads, cotton and cotton-viscose wool as well as colored cotton balls under the brand  Bella Cotton.


The beginnings

The beginnings of the Bella Cotton brand. Cotton wool in a 100g packaging is launched as the first. Up to this day it has been the most popular and trusted  cotton wool among the Polish customers.

Cotton pads

The Bella Cotton range of products develops rapidly and includes cotton pads, buds and cotton balls.

The Bella medical cotton wool

The Bella medical cotton wool is introduced - a blend of cotton and viscose for high absorbency and softness.

The Water Jet Cotton pads

The Water Jet cotton pads are introduced to the market. Thanks to special technology pads are soft and delicate and do not shed providing extra comfort. An original imprint ensures smooth application of cosmetics.

The yellow line

An innovative line of cotton products known as „The yellow line” is launched. It includes cotton pads, buds, cotton balls and cotton wool. New cotton pads are covered with soft non-woven on one side for effective make-up removal, and with delicate cotton on the other side.

The Bella Cotton Bio

The Bella Cotton BIO line is our response to consumers’ needs for eco-friendly, yet high quality, products. The line made of organic cotton consists of two types of cotton pads and cotton buds.

Cotton pads with sealed edges

Cotton pads with sealed edges are first launched on the eastern and then western markets. The product is targeted at the most demanding customers. The innovative sealed edges prevent cotton pads from shedding.

our offer

  • Bella Cotton - cotton pads, cotton pads of organic cotton, cotton buds, cotton buds of organic cotton, cotton balls, cotton wool and cotton-viscose blend
  • Bella Cotton Care - cosmetic pads and cotton buds with extracts

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Our products we sell in over 60 markets: in the European Union, in Central and East Europe, in Africa and in Far East

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