The award Stella Copernicana Cuiaviae et Pomerania for TZMO SA

During festive session of a local government TZMO was awarded with Stella Copernicana Cuiaviae et Pomeraniae honourable. It's the most prestigious award which local government can grant companies.


"TZMO Group is organized on 18 markets worldwide. It means that we have there our companies and our employees, both Polish and local - said TZMO Jarosław Józefowicz. - On some markets our companies operate in different cities, eg. 1 month ago we have opened third company in Mumbai and we plan to open 4th one in a capital of India. In Poland - in Kowalewo Pomorskie in last few years we have built 5 business units which we have equiped with the most modern technology. Today we employ there over 1200 people."

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