New Seni and Seni Care logo – time for a big change!

From the beginning of Seni brand, i.e. from 1997, we mark our products with the same logo:


This logo is associated with great quality of absorbent products and a full range of products for incontinent people. It is known to nursing homes, pharmacies, medical stores and individual clients in over 50 countries.

Seni brand has been dynamically developing. Our products are not only for seniors, from whom they owe their name. Modifications in Seni brand are connected with demographic changes, with increased consiousness of our clients in matter of incontinence and skin care, with change of expectations our clients have of absorbent and care products.

From the brand strictly for moderate and heavy incontinence, for bedridden people, for institutional rather than open market, we proudly and consequently have become a brand for all. More and more we are a brand for active people, who despite incontinence – dribbling to severe – still want to enjoy their life and everyday activities and independence. Our products are still very popular in institutions like nursing homes or hospitals, but they are currently available in many stores, pharmacies and medical stores. We’ve gone beyond reimbursement system in many countries. Among our clients there are people who move with the times, who are familiar with new technologies and are conscious of the demands they can have from the products which serve their everyday comfort. For these people Seni brand together with its all groups of products on offer changes for more modern, more adjusted to clients’ needs.

These changes we have on mind concern both products, of which functionality and modernity we are constantly working on, and image.

We proudly present our refreshed Seni and Seni Care logos which will soon be on all packs of our products and on all Seni promotional materials.

These new versions of logos are different from the former ones, yet significantly refer to them. They are modern and fresh. We plan to unify all our products in the matter of logo. This, in our opinion, will present a coherent image of Seni brand for all absorbent products – no matter what the group is, on all there will be the same logo.

In the case of Seni Care products we decided to leave “care” by the Seni logo in order to stress the identity of the group of skin care products and supplementary offer.

The refreshed logo will soon appear on our products. In the first place Seni Care products will have a new layout. As the first ones there will be Seni Care wash cream 3 in 1 (formula of which will be enriched with 3% of moisturising urea) and Seni Care cream for dry and calloused skin with 10% urea.

Ultimately all Seni and Seni Care products will have a new layout and logo on their packs.

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