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Taking care of hygiene and human health, we also remember about the world around us and the environment. From it we draw strength and energy. We want to keep our environment clean and unpolluted, bearing in mind that it is designed not only for us but also for future generations.

To make sure that trees remain green

We manage the life cycle of our products in such a way that, at every stage of their manufacture, sale, exploitation and degradation, we minimize potential threats to the environment.

We make sure that waste from the manufacturing process could be used for other purposes as secondary raw materials. As the only company in Poland we have a recycling lines using a laser filter which makes that processed material being deprived of pollution. Our recyclates are used to manufacture tools and garden boxes, pots, furniture, car and construction accessories.

In February, 2011 we received a statuette "Environmentally Friendly", awarded in the National Ecological Competition and Diploma "Recommended Product" for the products made of organic cotton - Bella Cotton BIO.



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